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Ron Book serves as President and CEO of Ronald L. Book, P.A., a legal company specialized in governmental affairs and lobbying in both Tallahassee and South Florida. Mr. Book and the staff at Ronald L. Book, P.A., a notable Florida lobbyist, have a client roster that includes the best names in business, local governments, industry, healthcare, and charitable organizations throughout the state.

Mr. Book's experience is broad, including a wide range of subjects and concerns that frequently make their way through the policymaking process. From economic development, environmental remediation, and affordable housing to transportation, aviation, healthcare, social services, growth management, seaports, and sports, lobbyist Ron Book has affected public policy discussion and decision-making over the last four decades.

Ronald L. Book, P.A. has been a pioneer in the Florida government affairs profession for than 35 years, with a special emphasis on the appropriations process. In reality, Mr. Book and his colleagues are in charge of billions of dollars in earmarks, programs, and grants aimed at a wide range of causes and projects. Mr. Book's business is considered as a pioneer in local government representation, and it presently represents dozens of government bodies, towns, and county governments at the Florida Legislature.

Ron Book's creative approach to local government representation has expanded the firm's impact and contacts well beyond the Florida state Capitol, incorporating city and county governments throughout the Sunshine State. This is one of the reasons Ronald L. Book, P.A. is one of just a few companies that provide clients with top-tier legislative representation in the corridors of state government, as well as solid and substantial municipal government services

Mr. Book is also an active member of the community, volunteering his time and knowledge to a variety of philanthropic organizations around the state. Ron Book has previously worked on charity organizations such as Joe Dimaggio Children's Hospital, Best Buddies, and the Mourning Family Foundation.

He now leads the Miami Dade Homeless Trust, which he has been a member of for over two decades. Ronald L. Book and other Miami Dade County members handle a budget of more than $66 million, which was initially assigned to the Trust by Mayor Alex Penelas (followed by repeated re-appointments). Mr. Book and the Trust are also in charge of managing Miami Dade County's efforts to reduce homelessness throughout the county.

With Mr. Book at the lead, the Trust has been recognized as a national best-practice model on several occasions. The Trust recently proudly hosted HUD Secretary Ben Carson as it became one of the first in the United States to proclaim an end to Military Veteran homelessness in Miami Dade County and the South Florida area.

Mr. Book is also the Co-Founder and Board Chairman of the non-profit Lauren's Kids Foundation, which he founded with his daughter, Florida State Senator Lauren Book. Book and The Foundation, his daughter's organization, aims on eradicating childhood sexual abuse via awareness, education, and offering support and assistance to survivors and children in need. Furthermore, via sexual abuse education and prevention, the Foundation hopes to have a good influence on families, children, and others. The Foundation's in-school programs are being used in over 90,000 schools across the country.

Ron Book received his Juris Doctorate (J.D.) from Tulane University and his Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Political Science from Florida International University. Book attended the University of Florida, where he raced track for the Florida Gators, before completing his degree at FIU (1971-1973). Mr. Book is a registered lobbyist as well as a member of the FAPL (Florida Association of Professional Lobbyists) and the Florida Bar.

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